• Welcome
    Welcome to Purple Light! We have a nifty achievement system set up so that you can earn all kinds of things, which is adapted as needed. Feel free to look around and ask questions. The focus is on the various schools since they're all part of the same charter, which have an inter-school boarding area set up for anyone from outside the LA area, with buses that run to and from the schools. If you'd like any other schools or colleges to be set up, talk to Kit - they have to be done in batches of two, to keep the boards even.

    If you're not into playing a student, don't worry! There's still a place for you! Adults of any age and occupation are welcome here; LA is a big city, after all, and you can find almost anything you want there, so why should we be different? If you're worried that your character won't get plots, please don't let that stop you. We like to plot with everybody, and there is always a way for characters to meet each other.

    To get started, simply register an OOC account with the name you'd like to be called here, and then register your characters by First Last. We don't care if we have duplicate first names, unless they're not common, but try to not duplicate last names unless they're related.

    Everyone wants to be something, someone. LA is one of the places that people go to make something of themselves, to prove themselves, to make their dreams come true.

    Some dreams are easier to come true than others.

    At the performing arts school, you have all the students that want to make it as a performer, whether it's acting, singing, or dancing. The school's job is to help set up auditions of their promising students to make this happen. At the visual arts school, you have the painters, the sculptors, the potters. They want to leave their mark on the world through their art. At the literary arts school, you have the aspiring novelists, the screenwriters, the playwrights. They're the ones whose playgrounds are words, and turns of phrases are tools and toys for them. at the culinary arts school, you have the students that really just want to cook. They enjoy making food that's delicious and looks good. Part of their requirements at the school is to do an internship that the school sets up at various restaurants in the area. At the school that's for the athletic programs, you have the basketball players, the soccer players, the gymnasts and cheerleaders and football players, the track stars. This is the school you go to if you want to be scouted for college, and people with a good plan will start looking here for their future NBA and NFL players. At the STEM school, you have the people who are focused on Science, Tech, Engineering, and Math. Various programs have different requirements; for instance, the Medical Sciences helps students to become EMTs and they spend a certain number of hours in a week working at hospitals in the area and being on call as an EMT.

    At the magic school, you learn how to harness your powers, whatever they may be, and learn more. At the elemental school, you learn how to tap into your element and how to control and manipulate it. Being with your element will rejuvenate you, but trying to summon or control it will sap your energy. People can have more than one element, but they'll always have their main one that's their strongest. There are four basic elements: water, earth, fire, air. But there are also special elements: electricity, ice, light, darkness. These are rare, though. In legends, there were those who commanded all eight elements, but that's surely just a myth. No one's been able to do that in eons.

    The world is changing, though, and maybe those myths are starting to come back to life. Maybe.

    Basic carousel header code by Ring Wang @ Tympanus. Header content and further codes in the header by Kit. Skin by Kit, templates by Kit, tabbed sidebar code by Kismet of RPG-Directory, and the highlight code is by Thunderstruck on Caution. Site graphics were done by Brie and Kit, with the gorgeous banner, ad, and Of the Months being done by Brie. Other graphics and templates belong to the creators.
  • Points and How to Earn Them
    Well, first off, by registering an account, that account gets 100 points. When your app is accepted, the account gets another 100 points. By filling out your claims, the account gets another 500 points. But the main way to earn points is by posting and RPing, especially for the things that have to be earned by the characters. Each post is worth 100 points. For each page a Tech thread gets to, the characters involved get an extra 100xPageNumber points, as well, and any time a Tech thread is actually brought to an end, the participants get 500 points, so long as the thread has at least three replies from each character. That means that if your thread has hit 3 pages, which would mean at least 46 replies, and you end it, that's a minimum of 3400 points each! That's not bad!

    Face to Face threads are worth twice that. So each post is worth 200 points, every page is 200xPageNumber points, and any time a thread comes to an end, so long as the thread has three replies from each character, it's worth 1000 points. (If there are three characters, one of whom only posted once, but the other two posted at least three times, that will also count for the two characters that posted thrice). So that means that if the page has hit 3 pages, 46 replies, you end it, that's 6800 points each.

    Taking Wanteds is worth 800 points, too, and free to make. Everyone likes to have their Wanteds filled, after all!

    Plotting your character with someone else's in their shipper gets 500 points.

    Also, the usergroups are set up so that you move from one to another to another, based off of how many posts you make. When you switch from the first usergroup to the second, you'll get 200 points. When you move into the third, you'll get 300 points, and so on and so on.

    But you can earn points in other ways, too, like by participating in discussions and games and such. The Of the Months will also earn points, where anyone that was nominated gets points, each vote that a member or character gets earns them 100 points, and the winners get 500 points. We'll also have monthly challenges where every entry gets 200 points for participating, each vote an entry gets earns 100 points, and the winner gets 1000 points, second place gets 800 points, and third place gets 600 points.

    You can also help us advertise. Every ten ads gets you 100 points. You simply have to give us the name of the site, a link to the ad, and the date you advertised on.

    We're also open to any other ideas for earning points you might have!

  • Wanteds
    Male - Jackson Rathbone - Wanted for Kit - Romance/Siblings
    Male - Open - Wanted for Annie - Romance
    Male - Christopher Jackson - Wanted for Beabea - Friendship
    Female - Fluvia Lacerda - Wanted for Beabea - Friendship
    Male - Avan Jogia - Wanted for Beabea - Frendship
    Male - Anthony Ramos - Wanted for Beabea - Friendship
    Male - Lin-Manuel Miranda - Wanted for Beabea - Friendship
    Female - Misty Copeland - Wanted for Beabea - Friendship
    Female - Michaela De Prince - Wanted for Beabea - Frendship
    Male - Okieriete Onaodowan - Wanted for Beabea - Friendship
    Male - Pana Hema Taylor - Wanted for Beabea - Friendship
    Male - Daveed Diggs - Wanted for Beabea - Friendship
    Female - Jasmine Cephas Jones - Wanted for Beabea - Frendship
    Male - Jonathon Groff - Wanted for Beabea - Friendship
    Male - Leslie Odom Jr - Wanted for Beabea - Friendship
    Male - Sinqua Wallis - Wanted for Beabea - Friendship
    Female - Renee Elise Goldberry - Wanted for Beabea - Frendship
    Male - Haruma Miura - Wanted for Beabea - Friendship
    Male - Yassine Rahal - Wanted for Beabea - Friendship
    Female - Cymphonique Miller - Wanted for Brie - Surprise Sibling
    Male - Dudley O'Shaunnessy - Wanted for Brie - Frendship
    Male - Colin Morgan - Wanted for Say- Friendship
    Female - Open - Wanted for Beabea - Pack
    Male - Open - Wanted for Beabea - Pack
    Female - Jessica Parker Kennedy - Wanted for Brie- Sibling
    Open - Open - Wanted for Kit - Pack
    Male - Jeremy Renner - Wanted for Kit - Romance
    Male - Mark Ruffalo - Wanted for Kit - Romance
    Male - Max Greenfield - Wanted for Kit - Roommate
    Male - Open - Wanted for Kit - Roommate
    Male - Open - Wanted for Kit - Roommate
    Male - Jai Courtney - Wanted for Brie - Gang
    Male - Godfrey Gao - Wanted for Brie- Gang
    Male - Alexander Ludwig - Wanted for Brie - Gang
    Female - Zoe Kravitz - Wanted for Brie - Gang
    Male - Chris Pine - Wanted for Say - Sibling
    Male - Billy Brown - Wanted for Beabea- Father
    Female - Viola Davis - Wanted for Beabea - Mother
    Male - Open - Wanted for Beabea - Pack/Romance
    Male - Open - Wanted for Beabea - Pack/Romance
    Female - Name - Wanted for Beabea - Pack
    Male - Name - Wanted for Beabea - Pack
    Male - Name - Wanted for Beabea - Pack
    Female - Name - Wanted for Beabea - Pack
    Female - Name - Wanted for Beabea - Pack
    Male - Yuya Yagira - Wanted for Bryn - Sibling
    Male - Open - Wanted for Beabea - Friendship
    Female - Open - Wanted for Beabea - Friendship
    Male - Misha Collins - Wanted for Say - Romance/Friendship
    Gender - Face Claim - Wanted for BLANK - BLANK
  • Gifteds Types
    Nulls Nulls are called such because they nullify different types of magic. A Psychic Null are either immune to other people's psychic abilities, or they can nullify the person's abilities, depending on the strength of their own ability and willpower. Very few Nulls can turn it off completely, but they can learn to dampen the effects. Magic Nulls are either not affected by magic or they cause it to go haywire. You do not want a Null involved in a spell; it will go wrong and usually in the worst way possible.
    Psychics Psychics cover a lot of ground. Telekinesis (ability to move objects with your mind), telepathy (mind-reading), empathy (emotions reading), compulsion (compelling people to do something), dream walking (entering other people's dreams), astral projection (sending your mind elsewhere), precognesis (knowing the future), postcognesis (knowing the past), aura reading (ability to see auras), among many other things. There isn't a school for Psychics, because a lot of it isn't really something that can be taught; people can either do it or they can't, and they learn to control it themselves because the ways to control the abilities are so individualized. Most psychic awakenings happen around puberty, but it's not uncommon to have it happen as a child or as an adult, either.
    Magicals Magicals are anyone with magical abilities - though at first glance, they have a lot in common with Psychics, Magicals tend to use rituals to get their results. Oh, don't worry, rituals don't necessarily mean dance naked in the light of the Full Moon, but rather that they've discovered that following certain steps get certain results. It's still a relatively individual thing, and everyone is going to have their strengths and weaknesses, but by and large, things follow a pattern, and Numerra and other schools help teach those patterns.
    Elementals Elementals can summon, influence, and control their Element, or even Elements. As they get stronger within their Elements, they'll be able to do more things. There are four basic Elements, Earth, Fire, Air, Water, and some Elementals are strong enough and have worked hard enough to be able to control all four, though there's always an Element that comes easier and more naturally to them. In legends, there were people who could also control Electricity, Ice, Darkness, and Light, but no one alive today has seen that happen. Whispers are starting to spread, though, that maybe it's time for the legends to rise again.
    Physicals Basically, people with a physical ability, such as super strength, speed, indestructibility, accelerated healing, or anything else you can think of. Some people grow up with it all their lives, but it usually kicks in around puberty, though it's not unheard of to start to manifest as an adult.
    Technos People whose abilities deal with technology or the like, whether it be an instinctive knowledge of coding languages, or getting machines to do whatever they want to do, or building things that shouldn't work but do, or anything else, so long as it pertains to technology in some way. Like most of the other abilities, this usually kicks in around puberty, but some people have it as children and some people don't get it until adulthood, so while it's usually around puberty, it's not rare to be earlier or later, either.
    Shifters First, there are two types of Shifters, even before we get into the animals. There are the Born Shifters, those who were born into Shifter Ancestry (if you have two parents that are Shifters, then it's possible to get a non-Shifter child, but it's along the same likelihood of it being possible to flip 20 coins in a row and have them all land on heads). And there are the Made Shifters, those who were Bitten and turned into a Shifter. There's some rivalry in this, unless the Made Shifter is a True Mate; you're still not a Born Shifter, but it's not your fault you weren't born into the lineage and nothing will ever be said to your face about it unless people are trying to piss you off. Then there are all the various animals, and there are rivalries inside of that, as well. Shifters are stronger, faster, have various levels of invulnerability, and accelerated healing, as a whole. When you Shift, most injuries will heal in the process. Pregnancy is hard for Shifters, because they have to stay in one form for the entire pregnancy, and only the strong can resist Shifting on the moon. Shifters can shift at any time, though it's easiest closer to the Full Moon, and involuntary shifting happens more frequently closer to the Full Moon, as well. When you lose control of your emotions, you're likely to Shift, and partial Shifts have been known to happen during heightened physical moments, as well. Shifter saliva is something of a hallucinogenic, but you really only have to worry about it getting into your bloodstream, because that's what causes the Made Shifters.
    Fae There are different theories about the Fae, and one such theory is that all magic and psychic abilities stem from the Fae. For a long while, if a child was Gifted, it was assumed that the mother had had an affair with a Fae, especially if the child were particularly strong in their Gift. Luckily, this attitude has mostly died out. The Fae have two factions, the Seelie and the Unseelie, and both groups have their strengths and their weaknesses. Fae are rather capricious, and for the most part, aren't malicious. They just don't really think about how what they'll do will affect other people, and if it's Humans, they don't really understand why they should care about how they'll be affected by the Fae's actions. They're much stronger and faster than humans, damn near invulnerable except to iron, close to immortal, and for the most part, don't really involve themselves in human affairs because the things that humans care about pass by so quickly for the Fae. We think in terms of years, maybe decades. They think in terms of centuries, which is the main reason that so few Fae will actually take up with a human. It's not unheard of, and it's not even frowned upon, it's just odd to the other Fae as a whole.
    Demigods This does not literally mean half-god half-human. It means that somewhere along the line, your ancestry can be traced back to a god or goddess. It can be from any pantheon, so we encourage you to be creative, but also please at least have a basic understanding of the god or goddess that you choose. The effect it would have on a character is that they'd have some affinities and abilities that relate to that god or goddess. Keep in mind that there would likely be corresponding weaknesses, as well. Some basic things that would be pretty common across the board would be stronger, faster, tougher to injure and faster healing time than a regular human, but nothing near a Shifter's capabilities. Demigods aren't really known to the general public, but they can sense each other. Since demigods aren't really public, it's not widely known that the gods are still around/have ever actually been around, and that's why they aren't worshiped as often as they would be if it were known by everyone.
  • Of the Months
    Daylon Briar


    Quinn Winthrop


    Nate Carwin


    Owen Wells


    Beth Wilson and Ian Wright

    Say and Bryn

    Charity Jones and Angel di Angelis

    Kris and Kit

    Wes Messer and Emma Bennett

    Bryn and Say

  • Staff
    Our goal isn't to make sure that things are how we want them, but to make sure that things are running smoothly. If you ever have a problem or need some help, don't hesitate to come to one of us! We just want everyone to have fun and feel safe. So if you have questions, or concerns, please, talk to us about it. I promise we won't bite your heads off over it. We'd much rather know about something and try to fix it than not know at all.

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